Friday, March 25, 2011

O What a Night!

As I sit here to write this it is 3:15 in the morning. I am not up by choice, but rather because Abby is sick. She has a stuffy nose and is sneezing with lots of "yucky boogers" as she calls it. Trying to comfort her and get her to fall asleep has not worked for the past 2 hours. So I stay awake as she is in her room hopefully falling asleep.
Andrew has to get up for work at 4 am so I figure I may as well stay awake until then. I just know that when the alarm goes off, will be just when I drift back into a peaceful sleep. Hopefully Abby will be able to sleep in and not wake up at her normal time.
Other than that, there really isn't a whole lot of new stuff going on. I have been really getting into my digital scrapbooking stuff and have created lots of neat pages of Abby. It's almost as if I have become obsessed with scrapbooking and find that it can occupy any free minute that I have. I have posted some of my recent pages of my sweet little girl.
Finally at 3:30 am, I think she is asleep. Thank Goodness and good night all!

Friday, March 18, 2011

An Evening Bike Ride

Seems like the weather has been perfect the last few days and we have definitely been taking advantage of it. The other night we went for a short bike ride around the neighborhood with Abigail in her "chariot". She just loves riding with us, but even more so she loves to wear her bike helmet. So much so that she threw a fit when it was time to take it off. For a little girl who hated wearing hats, she sure seems to like them now. Silly little thing!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Day at the Phoenix Zoo

Abby is on Spring Break this week and I have been trying to fill her week with fun things for her to do. Today we decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo and Andrew took the day off from work to join us. It seems like everyone else in the state of Arizona decided to go to the Zoo as well as it was pretty packed. Thank goodness for a zoo membership and we didn't have to wait in line to get in.
Abby has been to the zoo before, but on this trip, it seemed like she was much more aware of what was going on. She was looking for the animals and recognized most of them. As we left the elephant exhibit she said, "bye, elephants! Time to go see some more animals!" She also said bye to the galapagos turtles and some of the other animals. She sure seemed to enjoy it more today than I have seen her in the past. Just another sign that my baby girl is growing up.

Monday, March 07, 2011

My Little Cowgirl!

Abigail sure seems like a natural when it comes to enjoying all things Western. Friday was Rodeo Day at her preschool and on Sunday we went to RawHide. Every since Thursday night when we bought her cowgirl boots, she has not taken them off. Glad she will be getting some use out of them.

On Friday at school, she was simply the cutest little cowgirl ever. Some of the other kids were also dressed in Western Wear, but Abby with her cute little skirt and sequins was by far the most adorable. I might be a bit biased I supposed.

Then we took her to RawHide on Sunday and countless numbers of people told us how adorable she was. Even a few asked if they could take her picture. I remember going to RawHide as a child and how much fun my sister and I would have while playing in the Old West. I think as Abby grows up, she too will have found memories of hanging out at RawHide.

I think her favorite part was the live music. The band would come on and she would gravitate toward the stage and just start dancing. Andrew and I laughed hysterically while everyone told us how cute she was. Even the guys in the band had a hard time keeping a straight face and singing the words without a little chuckle. She had some awesome dance moves and a band member told her she was "seven shades of adorable." Couldn't argue that. And if you could just imagine a huge biker guy asking us if he could take her picture and trying to get one on his phone as she wiggled about funny.
After spendning the day in the Old West, we packed up our belongings and headed home. She fell asleep in the car but the first thing she asked when she woke up was, "where are my cowboy boots?"

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Playing outside

The other night we decided to do some grilling as the weather here in Arizona is perfect. This is the best time of year when the temperature is mid 70's and the nights are warm but not hot.
Abby wanted to go outside too and play on her Little Tikes Slide that she got from her Tia Carol. She had such a blast climbing up and sliding down. What a little cutie.
Not much else to post. Lots of things coming up. Rodeo Day at school tomorrow, planning a trip to Raw Hide this weekend, and Grandma's Birthday in two weeks.
Until next time...