Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Bike Ride

Here in Arizona, the end of May usually means some really warm weather. Not yesterday. What a beautiful day it was with temps in the mid 70's and a nice breeze. A perfect day for a bike ride. So we packed up the bikes and set off for the Scottsdale Greenbelt. Abigail loves to ride in her chariot and is oh so cute with her helmet and sunglasses.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Camera Scare

Today I almost thought I would lose my mind. I was getting ready to go to a party and was getting my camera ready. I knew that the memory card card I had it it was pretty full and I had not downloaded all of the photos from it yet so I didn't want to delete it. So I attempted to insert my larger memory card and then the camera decided to stop working. If the camera is not reading the memory card the camera basically becomes a paper weight. I futzed with it for over an hour and even called the camera shop. When I did that, I found out this is a common problem and sometimes the pins get bent. It's a problem that can cost over $300 to fix. I thought I would cry. Instead I continued to mess with it and see if I could fix the bent pin. Sure enough, I did. I FIXED IT! I was so happy and off to the party we went. Here's a pic of my sweet angel in the pool.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Everyone

I know it's a day late, but wanted to make sure I said Happy Mother's Day to All Mom's out there. I had a great one. First, Andrew, Abby and I went out to breakfast at The Eggery. It's a yummy place for some really good food and reminds me a lot of Patty's Eggnest in Seattle. I loved that place. Anyways. Breakfast was really good and Abby loved her Minnie Mouse Pancake. After breakfast we went to home Depot and I was able to get my mom a Shephard's hook for the backyard and some hanging plants. My mom is truly a plant freak. And surprisingly enough after getting back home, we cleaned the house for 4 hours. It was awesome. Who would have thought that cleaning on mother's Day would be a good thing, but it was really awesome. Later in the evening, my sister and my brother came over to share Mother's Day with my mom and we grilled ribeyes and had the best salad ever. It was my 3rd Mother's Day and I look forward to spending each one with my baby girl.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Hello All,

I have decided to start a blog in hopes that those who have followed Abigail in my emails will be able to follow her closely and watch what a wonderful little girl she is becoming. My sweet little angel.
Abby has started to give kisses with sound effects and all. She will even pull your head in close and say "mmmmwah". It is the most precious thing I have ever seen.
Recently we celebrated her second birthday at the park. Friends and family joined us for this special occasion and Abby had so much fun. I was glad that it was not windy like the year before and I was able to hang my birthday banner. This banner will be hung every year until she's 18. I sure hope she likes it.
Here are some pics from her party.