Thursday, July 01, 2010

Converting the crib

Wow. Hard to believe my little girl is growing up. She is getting so big so fast. Last night she successfully managed to crawl out of her crib. 3 times. All of which I was right there to catch her. Nonetheless, I did not get much sleep last night as I kept wondering if she would once again attempt her Houdini act and fall on her head. So this afternoon we finally made the conversion from crib to toddler bed.
As for this evening when going to bed, she did just great in her new bed. She didn't even get out of bed once to play with her toys. Way to go Abigail!
Some of Abigail's other great milestones lately is that she will now feed herself, finally she is drinking water out of a cup, she read to me parts of her Froggy Learns to Swim book, she puts her own shoes on her feet, and we have started to use the potty chair or as she says, "p,p,p in the potty chair". What an amazing little girl I have!