Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Scrapbook Pages

We took Abby to the County Fair over the weekend and she loved it. Anytime she sees lots of flashing lights she calls it the Christmas lights. It sure isn't Christmas time here in Arizona, but the fair lights were pretty cool.

Abby is still a bit too short to ride most of the rides at the fair. Requirements are that kids be at least 36 inches tall. She is 35 and 3/4. Almost there! So instead we came across some ponies and she loved it. She rode her pony like she had been doing it for years. She was never afraid and in fact was smiling and giggling and enjoying every second of it. Here is a scrapbook page I made of her riding the pony.

Other than that, not a lot else is going on. Her 3rd birthday is less than a week away and I am doing a Strawberry Shortcake theme. She just loves her Strawberry Shortcake. I am also doing a craft make and take for the kids and the adults too if they would like to participate. I am looking forward to celebrating her life with family friends, but I am also looking forward to Sunday. The day after.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I haven't posted in a while

It seems like I have been so busy lately, but when I think of what I have done, I can't account for anything. I guess it's just life.

I did work on Abigail's bedroom this weekend. The clutter was getting to me. I was able to get rid of some toys that she no longer plays with and was able to eliminate the buckets that were spilling over with toys. I bought her a cube organizer for her room so that we can store toys and keep everything hidden. It looks SO much better and there is a lot more room for her to play. Our next big step will be getting rid of her rocking chair. She still likes to "rock with mommy" so that might be a bit tramatic for her so I think I'll wait a bit on that one.

Today I got her preschool photos. They are amazing. Certainly will not make Ellen's list of Bad Paid for School Photos. Hers are adorable.